НИЩО ОБЩО (с журналистиката)

Умът ми не го побира! И понеже гледам да съм позитивна, ще ви спестя емоцията, която Диана Найденова предизвиква у крехкото ми същество. Чудесни впечатления обаче имам от стоицизма, с който г-н Цветков запази достойнството си в този разговор.

За конец – две думи с малко уточнение: НИЩО ОБЩО (с журналистиката).


we’re just trying to save the little that’s left from Bulgaria

Several arrests after Bulgaria forestry law approved (video)

Eco activists once again proved themselves most active and united.

Thousands of people gathered in just a few hours to protest against the new forestry law. Makes me think this surely isn’t the biggest problem we have:

  • Prices of basics in Bulgaria are same as most of Europe’s and we still get paid times less than most EU countries.
  • 24% of Bulgarian young people are not in education, training or employment (NEETs),
  • health system is beyond repair,
  • national media is the perfect case study for propaganda
  • (I could go on…)

But we care for the forests. I just think that we’re sick of everything and we’d use any opportunity to show it!

“Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, we’re just trying to save the little that’s left from Bulgaria.”

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