Наесен с песен – 3 стъпки за декорации с листа, тиква и други есенни творения

Есента е факт. За онези от нас, които предпочитат топлите летни дни, това не е добра новина. НО! Защо пък да не се постараем да заобичаме есента. Току-виж тя ни отвърнала със същото! Ето, една рецепта за есенна любов (:

Есенни декорации с листа


Есента предлага огромно разнообразие от подръчни материали за страхотни декорации вкъщи. От майсторски творения върху тиква до елементарни апликации с листа – вие избирате.

Отделете един уикенд и се позабавлявайте. Включете и децата, задължително!

есенни декорации с тиква, кестени, шишарки

Ето и 3 лесни стъпки:

  1. Потърсете в интернет идеи като използвате следните ключови думи: есенни декорации, декорации с тиква, листа, шишарки, клечки, кестени, направи си сам есенна декорация, апликации с листа и др.
  2. Излезте на разходка да съберете материали. Минете и през книжарницата за лепило, тиксо или други неща, които нямате вкъщи.

Всичките ми направи-си-сам проекти са тук.

Скоро ще споделя и някоя есенна рецепта за десерт (:

Снимките направи Тонита.

my summer harvest in a frame

my summer harvest went on the wall last night. I placed a capsule of lavender and a cluster of wheat in an old frame I took from Gran.


“… for a good seed, brings good fruit.”

inspired by Mark 4:20 “Those which were sown on the good ground are those who hear the word, and accept it, and bear fruit, some thirty times, some sixty times, and some one hundred times.” (World English Bible)

now, I have to say I didn’t produce the lavender non the wheat, I gathered both from along the road. yet I don’t consider them stolen because I didn’t keep them for myself, I shared them with you!

DIY Headboard Doily Panel

Cheiz (чеиз) is a load of clothes and other home textile that the bride takes to her new home after the wedding. a long lived Bulgarian tradition. not many brides nowadays have one. or at least they don’t think of it as Cheiz. it’s a little too old-fashioned. but not for me. I got an assembly of old shirts, doilies, rugs, socks and others that belonged to my grandma. oh, the joy! 

then I start thinking how do I make best use of all this in my new home. doilies first. I saw this cool idea a few months ago and thought I love doilies!

what I did with mine turned into these panels that we placed instead of a headboard above our bed. which is still only a mattress on the floor.

what you need:

  • a selection of doilies
  • textile dye. I got this in blue
  • picture frame. 2 in my case
  • a little snack to help you get through it

follow the instructions. below is what I did, following what my pack of dye said.

1. soak the doilies into boiling water and add the dye.

2. take them out in about 30 mins. I took mine out at different times so they have different shades.

3. get your husband to help. it’s a great way of spending time together, doing something fun ((:

4. hang them to dry

5. enjoy life meanwhile (:

6. arrange the doilies on a contrasting background with the size of your frame. white in my case.

7. I had chosen matching doilies and arranged my second panel mirroring the first one. I had mum helping at this stage. she’s smart and fun.

now we only need a simple bed to raise that mattress up a little. but I don’t need to worry about a headboard.

we’re aiming for a mediterraneo look of our bedroom (on a tight budget). I’ll take pics and share them when we finish it.

hope you liked this! I did it 2 days before my wedding to channel the stress and it worked for me.

now, when you get married and ask your granny for Cheiz!