Eco Camping Batak

coming back from a few days around the mountains of Bulgaria, I feel obliged to share. after an amazing week at Eco Camping Batak last summer, my husbie and I decided to take Miro and Tiina to enjoy an afternoon on the site. lovely to see always cheerful Christo again!

panoramic view from the beach

the camping is one of few in Bulgaria equipped with electricity and water posts at each camping space and Wi-Fi that Christo dragged the wires for all on his own after Vivacom said the camp site was too far from any of their posts.

the whole site is concrete-free. showers and WCs built using mostly wood and stone. the place is also equipped with waste-waters purifying machine which has all sewage go out 99% clean!

and they have a neat BBQ area!

in addition to the usual services, Christo offers kayaking at the lake, cycling tours, hiking, beach volleyball, horse riding, various lessons and.. child minding!

it’s only the second season the camping has been running and it’s already making a huge success and I know the reason behind it – Christo is not doing it for the money. actually, he has a very successful business dealing with finances. but he’s decided he’d spend 4 months of his year running Eco Camping Batak for fun on the land his grandfather left him!

so if you’re a fan of nice views, fresh air and great company – stop by ad say hi to Christo (it’s only a couple of hours away from Sofia airport)!

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