DIY Headboard Doily Panel

Cheiz (чеиз) is a load of clothes and other home textile that the bride takes to her new home after the wedding. a long lived Bulgarian tradition. not many brides nowadays have one. or at least they don’t think of it as Cheiz. it’s a little too old-fashioned. but not for me. I got an assembly of old shirts, doilies, rugs, socks and others that belonged to my grandma. oh, the joy! 

then I start thinking how do I make best use of all this in my new home. doilies first. I saw this cool idea a few months ago and thought I love doilies!

what I did with mine turned into these panels that we placed instead of a headboard above our bed. which is still only a mattress on the floor.

what you need:

  • a selection of doilies
  • textile dye. I got this in blue
  • picture frame. 2 in my case
  • a little snack to help you get through it

follow the instructions. below is what I did, following what my pack of dye said.

1. soak the doilies into boiling water and add the dye.

2. take them out in about 30 mins. I took mine out at different times so they have different shades.

3. get your husband to help. it’s a great way of spending time together, doing something fun ((:

4. hang them to dry

5. enjoy life meanwhile (:

6. arrange the doilies on a contrasting background with the size of your frame. white in my case.

7. I had chosen matching doilies and arranged my second panel mirroring the first one. I had mum helping at this stage. she’s smart and fun.

now we only need a simple bed to raise that mattress up a little. but I don’t need to worry about a headboard.

we’re aiming for a mediterraneo look of our bedroom (on a tight budget). I’ll take pics and share them when we finish it.

hope you liked this! I did it 2 days before my wedding to channel the stress and it worked for me.

now, when you get married and ask your granny for Cheiz!


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